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You will walk away understanding what hormones are and the roles they play.
You will walk away with a toolkit of habits to support your hormonal health.
You will walk away feeling empowered to support your best hormonal health.

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Our hormones influence basically everything in the body. From energy and skin health, to digestion and sleep, our hormones are informing it all. In this class, we will break down what hormones are (they're not actually as complicated as we may think), the roles they play in our bodies (some we may know and some may surprise you),...

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More About Calista Chammas

My name is Calista, and I am a functional nutritional therapy practitioner. What a mouth full?! That's just a fancy way of saying I am a functional nutritionist who works with clients to get to the root cause of their symptoms. I love to give corporate chats on simple, accessible, low maintenance tips on all things nutrition...

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Calista Chammas

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