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Learn what imposter syndrome is and common ways it shows up
Gain simple but powerful tools to help you manage self-doubt
Discover how imposter syndrome can actually be an asset that propels you forward
Explore how self doubt goes beyond an individual challenge

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In this interactive session, we'll explore the topic of imposter syndrome: the worry that you’ll be "found out" as not smart or capable enough to handle the opportunities you’ve been given. Chances are, no matter where you are in your career, you are familiar with this feeling—that’s because it is prevalent even for the most accomplished among us. Together, we’ll break...

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What People Are Saying About This Class

I loved that Carole Ann was so relatable. She was a "real" person, very authentic, and easy to connect with. It's a tough subject, but she was able to create a space that we could talk openly about it and not feel weird or silly.

More About Carole-Ann Penney

Carole Ann Penney, CPC, develops purposeful and resilient leaders. As the founder of Penney Leadership, Carole Ann coaches individuals, teams, and organizations to cultivate mission-driven leaders who are ready to take on pressing challenges. Through individual and group coaching, speaking, and interactive virtual and in-person workshops, Carole Ann guides her clients to develop skills and mindsets that help them become...

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