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Creativity is among the most critical business skills
Creativity is about both Expansive and Reductive thinking
Adults over-index in Reductive and need to re-learn how to flex Expansive
3 behaviors you must inject into your business to unlock your best self

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Harvard. McKinsey. Google. Each acknowledges Creativity as one of the most vital skills for any organization to be successful. It combats stagnation, facilitates growth and innovation, and creates space for teams to work smarter instead of harder, increasing productivity. But most Managers and Leaders don't actually understand what "Creativity" in business means - and far fewer understand how...

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it was very engaging and relevant. I loved it

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Hi All - I'm David. I'm a Facilitator and Coach who has spent the last 20 years uplevelling Independent Contributors, Managers and Executives in a variety of business skills - from Everyday Creativity to Objection Handling to How to be a Great Manager to Hacking Failure (and more). And, frankly, I love it! For 10 years I had the...

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David Sandler

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