Top Takeaways

Achieve greatness: align daily tasks with overarching goals
Maximize goal achievement: regularly revisit and refine goals
Adapt and conquer: embrace re-goaling when circumstances demand
Empower success: build goals from the ground up with hierarchies
Achieve accountability: SMART framework drives goal success

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Embark on a transformative journey where you'll discover how to supercharge goal achievement and shatter limitations. Explore the power of goal hierarchies, flipping traditional approaches upside down with a design thinking perspective. Dive into the SMART goal framework, micro-goals, the WOOP model, and the art of re-goaling. Get ready to unleash your full potential and make remarkable strides towards personal...

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Interactive Workshop

Best for employees who want to talk, connect, and engage in hands-on training.

Best for teams up to 60 people

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Flexible class lengths to meet your team’s needs.


What People Are Saying About This Class

I liked the group breakout element, it was interesting to hear what other colleagues were thinking.

More About Sharon Danzger

Sharon is the founder of Control Chaos and author of Super-Productive: 120 Strategies to Do More and Stress Less....

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