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Learn the 12 most common de-railers and hacks to reverse the effects.
Identify individual's most common de-retailer, and build a personal action plan.

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A lot of what gets in our way at work is deeply engrained in how our brain has developed over time. De-railers such as negative self-talk, mental exhaustion, and rumination can all be explained by neuroscience. In this Elective we will cover 12 of the most common negative impacts our brain has on our work day and learn the hacks...

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Best for employees who like to listen with some engagement and discussion throughout.

Best for teams up to 90 people

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Best for teams up to 120 people

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More About Elizabeth Sandler

Elizabeth Sandler spent 25 years as an executive in investment banking and private equity, including 18 years as a Managing Director and divisional Chief Operating Officer at The Blackstone Group and Deutsche Bank A.G.. Based in both the U.S. and the U.K., leading thousands of employees in over 70 countries, she is an experienced global senior executive. ...

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Elizabeth Sandler

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