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Understand the types of microaggressions that exist, and what impact they make
Learn about tone policing, and discuss
Explore how to avoid microaggressions
Practice calling in and calling out, and "I" statements

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The uncomfortable truth is, we have all committed a microaggression at some point in our professional (and personal) life, whether unconsciously or consciously. In this Elective, we'll be breaking down microaggressions into different parts: from learning how the term came to be, to understanding how we need to separate intent from impact when we've said or done something microaggressive. We will...

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Really loved the safe, passionate, thoughtful class environment Abi created! Would especially love to attend a 2.0 version of this class.

More About Abi Adamson

Abi Adamson, Founder & DEI Director of The Diversity Partnership (TDP), is quoted in the New York Times as one of the "Stars of Black LinkedIn." Abi Adamson is also often described as the future of diversity and inclusion thought leaders. As a consultant, Abi has a proven track record of delivering positive global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) culture strategies and facilitating...

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