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Examine the root cause of behavioral changes (it's their little brain talking!)
Recognize the importance of setting limits, even when it feels hard
Practice giving toddlers choices so they feel some independence and control

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They don't call it the terrible two's (three's and fours) for nothing. Your little person has figured out that they are indeed, their own person. They can move on their own, they can eat on their own, and they love thinking on their own. It is all new and very exciting! But for parents, this is the beginning of having...

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More About Joani Geltman

Joani Geltman, MSW, is a prominent parenting expert who provides home-based parent coaching, speaks publicly on issues relating to child development and parenting, and designs and implements training workshops on parenting and education leadership development. She has four decades of experience helping young people, serving as a social worker, therapist, student advisor, adjunct professor, and youth program director at various...

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