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You'll understand how gender has changed over time
You'll appreciate that transgender identity is not a 20th century phenomenon
You'll learn about the cultural and social underpinnings of gender

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We often think of gender as something real – fixed, firm, and true. The notion that we all “know” what a man is, for instance. But gender changes over time, and this session will explore some surprising facets of gender history – when pink was the color for boys, when high heels were made for manly men – in order...

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What People Are Saying About This Class

LOVED this presenter and their personal story, really connected to the audience! And the true history lessons were important and fascinating.

More About Alex Myers

Alex Myers teaches English at Phillips Exeter Academy. Since coming out as transgender in 1995, he has worked with schools to help them support transgender students and become more gender inclusive. Alex is also a novelist whose works explore gender, identity, and history. His novels include Revolutionary, Continental Divide, and The Story of Silence....

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Alex Myers

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