Top Takeaways

Employ strategies for self care
Manage your work time alongside your kids' school time
Cope with out-of-control emotions with your kids
Manage expectations in relationships (partners, friends, roommates)
Set appropriate expectations going into the holidays

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Work time, school time, meal time, family time, friend time, roommate time...and alone time! Carving out time for all of these things when it's all happening in the home at the same time is overwhelming. Anxiety, frustration, depression and exhaustion...add that all into the mix and it can feel like chaos. In this class, you'll have the opportunity to ask...

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Interactive Workshop

Best for employees who want to talk, connect, and engage in hands-on training.

Best for teams up to 60 people

Facilitated Learning

Best for employees who like to listen with some engagement and discussion throughout.

Best for teams up to 90 people

Class Durations

Flexible class lengths to meet your team’s needs.


More About Joani Geltman

Joani Geltman, MSW, is a prominent parenting expert who provides home-based parent coaching, speaks publicly on issues relating to child development and parenting, and designs and implements training workshops on parenting and education leadership development. She has four decades of experience helping young people, serving as a social worker, therapist, student advisor, adjunct professor, and youth program director at various...

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Joani Geltman

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